If you are coming by plane there are two airports that you can use to travel to Melgaço:
Oporto airport is a Portuguese international airport with all the connections from international flights. Travelling to Melgaço will take about a 90 min trip (150 km).
Vigo airport is a Spanish local airport. Travelling to Melgaço will take about a 60 min trip (70 km).
The organization will provide shuttle bus for the participants to and from the different airports (price included in the participation fee packs) on November 8th (arriving) and 11th (leaving).
Bus schedule
8 November – Porto airport (at arrival gate) to Melgaço -  13:30 h   and   18:00 h
11 November – Melgaço to Porto airport – yet to be scheduled but probably about 15:00 h


The bus Schedule from and to Vigo will be arranged on demand (depending of the flight schedules)
If you need to stay in Oporto for the night you can find several hotels near by the airport. The Oporto airport is close to the city (20 min to downtown) and there are several buses and metro available. It may be a good idea to stay for the rest of the weekend in Oporto to visit one of the most touristic cities in Europe.


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